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Designing A Chess Set For The Blind In 10 Days

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I am about to attempt to design a chess set for the blind in 10 days as an experiment in showing a "live" product design process. I have to fit it in around so-called real design work, so it might be a bit erratic, but if you wish you can try and follow my progress here: http://duncanmckean....uct-in-10-days/


Wish me luck.

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Thanks Waikit.


I'll admit, it's terrifying doing this project so publicly. It's like leaving your soul bare to potential criticism. Plus, the fact that I might not come up with anything exciting or innovative or even something that solves the problem.


But, I has helped me get my design mojo back and has forced me to update my product design portfolio (which was mostly the point).

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Very nice project. Thats close to be right and ready. The version with the cubes are the right way now you have to solve only the biggest problem that is to overview the chessboard/battlefield the cubes should be just flat rectangular buttons 8mm high with the identification on the face and the black and white play-fields has to be movable up and down ( you know the magnet clips for glas-doors push them once they close push them twice they release) the result would be an flat play surface the blind player could "overview" the whole field and figures before doing his move by pushing on (example) tower and move it to the new location. I would as well consider rips between the black and white fields to identify the coordinate (A,7-A,2) just my thought on it.

good luck



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