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Final Year Project Prototypes.

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Came across this article with tct magazine,


Ogle model and prototypes built a prototype for a students final year product.


Excellent model by Ogle of course, but I thought this was a bit of a cop out..?




Just remembering a good 6 weeks as a student of blood, sweat and tears making my final year prototype, which included RP, milling, lathe, vacuum forming, fabrication, electronics etc. excellent educational experience.


This article came across a bit like- 'oh here, you make it'...?


I may have this wrong, just putting it up for discussion. Perhaps the emphasis on this course/project is not the model making.





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Yeah, I remember that I was sweating a lot making MDF and clay models, using different kind of tools and getting painful hands/arms.

Well, some models do require some more precise prototyping tools, like CNC. It's fast and the quality is much better of course.

Anyways, in the professional world, these kind of final models are made with CNC too.

But yes, every student still need to have some handcraft/prototyping skills to develop quick mockups.

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