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Hey everyone :lol:

My name is Bryce Parker and I have entered a Red Bull competition for Sally Fitzgibbons which gets you to design a surfboard design that may be used as Sally's board design for when she tours.


My design is called 'Ink Splats and Tessellation Pats' and has been created using Ink, watercolour paper then some photoshop editing, arrangement, colourization and the final design came out like the picture at the end of the post.


You can actually vote for my surfboard design by clicking the link below


Link: http://tiny.cc/dd7tn


Would be great to get some feedback on it as I'm currently about to become an Art Uni student and will hopefully have this in my folio for presentation. Also, please do give it a vote if you like it as well, would highly appreciate it




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no need to put lot of sticker or graffiti or whatever its...it look stupid...do some futurist surtboard like neon light grow and something like that...but ur surfboard design look good...good luck!

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