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Studio Name Trademarks?

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I've recently decided to rebrand my studio (Part time-freelance) under a different name in attempt to make the name more universal and unimposing.


I have a few ideas for names I might use but through my Google searches I have come across many studio names that seem to be repeated across multiple sites owned by unrelated companies. For example, if you search for "Enigma Design" you will see that the name is used as the company name for an Irish furniture company, an interior design firm based in Abu Dhabi (I think), a web designer in Australia and an Interior designer based in New Zealand.


Is it simply a matter of these companies not trademarking their names? That they are aware of the repeat but don't have the means or desire do anything about it? A matter of trademark jurisdiction? Or just something I am completely missing entirely?



Any input would be greatly appreciated :)




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Several reasons:


- When you apply for a Trademark you have to specify the field, ie Design, Construction etc. So you can have multiple names, but in different fields.


- AFAIK, Trademarks are not international.


- And like you say, they may not have trademarked their name, or they do not wish to do anything about it.

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How many freelancers/consultancies out there have trademarked their name? I have not done this, but now I'm wondering if I should. For some reason I recall hearing that it has something to do with the state it's filled in. For example, a name would be trademarked states x,y,z....

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