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hi everybody, i am a high school student from China, but i live in Queensland,Australia now,i am in my last year of high school, love cars, my goal is getting into industrial design, Monash. i have no background of art, i'll posting new work weekly, hope i could get some advice from you guys. thank you very much. :D :D





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Not bad at all for a high school student. I recommend you to check out the tutorials at carbodydesign.com

and study cars proportions from real life or photos. Start tracing cars I would say. But when you trace, you should try to construct all the lines.

Keep it up!

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i am starting to prepare my application for uni, there is a industrial design + engineering design double degree. i really like industrial design, but the double degree seems to be a better choice for the future, industrial design needs 4 years course, and the double degree is 5 years course. but the balance in the double degree is 65% Engineering and 35% Industrial Design. i am not sure which one is better now, if i do the double degree, would i come out as a engineering designer rather than a industrial designer? For the application, they require a 8-10 pages portfolio, do you guys have any advice for me ? Thank you so much!

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