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Possible Advising For Thesis Project

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Hello I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this but I am an Industrial Design student at NJIT, going into my final semester of the program. For my thesis project I decided to undertake the task of designing a form of ground transportation (I don't want to lable it as a 'car' just yet) that is suited for personal use. The "Mantra" or driving force behind my project is "nature choses the path of least resistance", and I want to utilize this idea into designing a one-man vehicle that is not only individualized to its user and surrounding environment, but a product that is a direct result of natures philosophy of doing things the most efficient way.


I have done extensive research on symbiosis and phorecy to understand how living creatures utilize each other for transportation, and how they use nature's "master plan" of efficiency to go from point A to point B. However, in order to make this project convincing I need to do further research in biomechanics, growth, and morphology so I understand how everything will work in the end.


The reason why I want to do a project like this is because like many other people in there adolescent days, I spent hours and hours drawing cars and dreaming that I can design cars when I "grow-up". However at this point in my life I am unsure if I want to go into the auto industry and I simply need to get this childhood obsession out of my system.


Because I am pretty much clueless on the developing/design process in the transportation design field, I was wondering if anyone with experience in this field, on this forum, can be an advisor for me (or reccomend me to a potential advisor) throughout the school semester and go over my progress as I work towards the final product. I will truly appreciate it.


Thank you!

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