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Bernhard Eiser

[Solidworks Mentor] For Today

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I`m working on an uni project, and i could use help from a [solidworks pro].


I made a glasses frame and used the split tool to convert it into solidbodys to later autoassembly it into parts.

Then i created a planer surface for the lenses/shades, extended ,bent, and thicken it.

Now i want to use split again to cut the lens shape into the frame.

Since i already have a solidbody folder in my feature tree, it won`t add the lenses as bodys. also it dosn`t creat walls in my frame, and i can look into it as if its not solid.


I would be happy about a little skype chat, with shared screen, i don`t know if any of you is bored or interessted enough to help me out quickly.

I would really appreciate it.


Thank you very much.


Cheers Burns

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