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Hey all,


Looking for some advice really, I am a recent Product Design graduate, currently working as a Junior Artworker for a graphic design company for 3 and half months now. It is a good job and very comfortable, I get on with everyone etc. Problem is I want to do Product Design and at some point I am determined to get into the industry. Now I have been offered (subject to interview) a paid internship for a well known company which from what I have researched seem to be very successful. Now my question is, what are peoples opinions on internships? Would this be a step in the right direction? any thoughts?


Extra info :

Currently travelling 32 miles a day to current job, and internship is literally a mile away.

Pay is slightly less for the internship, but would end up with more money every month due to petrol money saving.

Internship has the possibility of job offering at the end I believe.


Thanks :)

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