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Looking For New Designers To Start Coworking Studio With 3D Printer In London

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I run a company called 3dprintuk. I am currently Oxford based, but am looking to move to london. I am looking to find some fellow young designers to open a studio with.


The basis is that it will be a fun, creative environment where we can create products and develop ideas together, for cheaper rates that joining a co-working environment. I'd like to start this sometime in Easter or early summer.


We will have an in house 3D printer (Objet 30) so we can make Our ideas real in house for cheaper, but I will remain running my 3D printing bureau independently as well.


I feel with enough young energy together we can create products together and quickly, with the possibility of creating our own company designing our own things as well as a designing for other people - Kind of like what Quirky do in the UK, though with a more UK feel.


I am looking for creative young people who will be willing to lay down at least £250-£300 per month to start with and we can see where we can do from there.


I'd love to be able to design fun unnecessary things for people - novelty items, but at the same time be able to produce usable products.


I am looking for people preferably with some design experience, so they know how to run things and not make a joke of the whole job, but I still want to have fun in the process. It is about being able to work with people rather than how well they can do there technicalities (welll...there's a aballance needed.)


Ideally I'd be looking to team up with existing freelancers.


Please let me know if you are interested and show me some of your work/tell me your thoughts.


I have very strong links with Gizmodo UK,so any geeky gagdty designers out there can be marketed easily ;)


I'd be looking to get an office in the Old Street or Clerkenwell area, but am open to suggestions.







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Right - new plans - I'm Moving to Techhub on Old street, london. Any one want to get involved with making some designs with me get in touch via this feed. At Techhub you can rent desks daily or permanently - so if you want to get involved part time with some cool 3D printing projects let me know - Lets make some wicked stuff!

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Sounds interesting, would like to chat more about it. My email is ceri(at)cerialmrott.com

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I'd like to be in contact with you. I'm considering starting a similar business idea. I work all day and freelance all night. Keep up the entrepreneurial spirit!

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