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My Finnished (Well Allmost) Recliner

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Hi all am getting close to finnishing this prototype of a recliner called "Laya" and am welcoming comment. The pics of the real thing is, as it was constructed and unfinnished (but has since undergone 20 hrs of orbital sanding) I am very sore LOL. I wish I was better at rendering but all I use is Sketchup and Kerkythea.


Cheers and a prosperous and happy New Year!





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You have an interesting design, but I find the legs have a kind of engineered look to them that seems just a bit out of place next to the nice curved shape of the lounge itself.


Also I think the shape of the cushions you've depicted in your rendering could use a bit of refinement to better compliment the geometry of the wooden lounge shape. The pinch point that exists in the middle looks a bit strange to me.


Good work with bringing your idea to life though. I can definitely appreciate the amount of work that must have gone into this. Sorry for the harsh crit.

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Hi Vander

I accept you view that you think the legs clash with the lounge platform . However peer review did not come up with that "elegant, seemless interface" was a common response from the pier review and the judges for the international furniture design competition where it has been shortlised for final judging and exhibiting in feb in Sydney.


In so far as the "pinch point" there is not one: A, The 'Cusion is padded foam with either a leather cover or polyutethane coating. Final treatment to be determined.

B, As you will see in the attached images the foam is a profile cut, (shown on a flat surface as it comes off

the cutting machine) the edges of which (the distance between the individual "cusions")

will become parallel with a gap of 8mm when nested on the curvilinear platform. If that is considered a

pinch piont it would have the impact< that of getting your finger caught under the armpit of a favorite

cuddly toy, lol.

The cusion does not conform to the profile of the platform but modifies it to a more ergonomic solution. The Aesthetics of which was heavily investigated that being the most pleasing option we could come up with and are happy with.


Appreciate you time and comments


Sorry for the formatting but it is a bit clitchy






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