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Hello guys. I will be sharing some renders i`ve done in the past months in my first attempt to master the automotive field. I have been reading this forum for a long time , and its time i come out of the nutshell and post some work out there for critique. Thanx.









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well mastering it may still be a ways off, but its not a bad start. There are some perspective issues with the front view and your rendering technique leaves it a bit soft. In regards to the design itself I'm not sure if it was your intention or not but this appears a bit too bloated in my opinion. Perhaps you could try and slim it down a bit to give it a bit more dynamic look.


You might want to get some good reference material and find some designs that you really like and try doing some overlays since you are working digitally anyways. In this way not only will you get a better concept of proportions and perspective, but you can also pick up on how lights interact with difference surfaces.


anyways keep up the good work

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