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Fruit Juicers

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Hey guys,



Just registered and I would like to introduce myself by showing the first sketches/drawings I made for school. I'm from '93 and 18 years old at the moment, and studying Industrial Product Design at Howest, a school in Kortrijk, Flanders. Our first assignment was to draw a fruit juicer by Bodum (we got a 2D picture and had to make it look 3D), and to design our own fruit juicer. I guess this was kind of a test to see the level of each individual in our class.


Here's the Bodum one:



And my personal design (fairly easy and a bit obvious as well, but hey):



Both are drawn using Letraset Promarkers, first time to ever use them. Also please bear in mind that I'm a complete newbie to all this. Opinions, remarks and criticism are very welcome.


Kind regards,


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