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Slimmest Touchscreen Reseach

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Hello PDE community.


i`m quiet new to Product Design thats why i start this topic.


My brief is to make a mobile device, i have some initial ideas and would like to know whats the slimmest touchscreen on the market.

Or maybe information how i could figure out whats the slimmest available.


I would be very happy if you have "anything" usefull for me.


Thank you very much




add: finaly i found some usefull information about touch panels this post is not the most recent but it might lead to the required information. http://www.pcmag.com...,2383979,00.asp


?: if the thinnest glass for touch panels = 0.28 millimeters, how thick is the combound part?

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When you say "Touch screen" are you speaking about just the touch panel (the part that detects your finger as an input) or the entire display?


The new Motorola RAZR is ~7mm thick - so if you look at the teardown you can see the display + touch panel is probably right around 2mm thick.



AMOLED displays have the benefit of being very very thin.

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Hello and thank you Cyberdemon,


I`m actualy talking about the display incusive touchpanel and all other parts required.

I think 2mm is a realistic thickness, and thats what i`m gonna use in my conzepts.

I will also do some reseach about AMOLED displays, thank you once more.


Still if anyone knows any thinner display-kits please post them.

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I was recently shown a video at Uni, that contained some futuristic videos of touch screen displays. They were extremely compact, so perhaps look at ways of improving the compact nature, of the device that you are designing. I also seem to remember, a compact device, that was simply unfolded into a larger screen, that used touchscreen technology.


I hope this gives you a few more ideas.

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They are currently developing graphene based touch-screens which are incredibly thin (as in the thickness of sheet of paper)


They still require some kind of display behind them, but they are actually developing graphene enhanced OLED's and LCD panels which could work in conjunction with the touch screen.


With this technology it is entirely possible to have a ultra thin touch screen and display less than .5mm thick, which could even include a thin film transparent solar panel that could continuously trickle charge your device


Prototype graphene touch screen



Flexible LCD


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