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Kenny Branco

Clock Project I Need Ideas For Materials And Light Projection Knowledge.

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Hey Everyone,


So I’m in second year of product design, recently we got a brief from a client who makes traditional wall clocks, more importantly the brief was the following, and had to be a clock project into the wall or ceiling.


Well my group came with different ideas blahblah…

We sent over to the client he liked one of them the most.


Concept :




The shape is not that one, it can be completely different, material wise, just looking for how to execute this idea!



Now the problem is, he liked it, but he prefers the numbers being project in the horizontal not in the vertical, so how to do that from a distance like 1 meter or so from the wall, to get a focused image, and the rest of the number scattered thought out the room without losing that much of focus!


Material ideas, or just light source ideas, things that you guys already tried, any advice are welcomed!



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