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Design Charity/social Enterprise Idea

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Hi all


I am a Student at the University of Bournemouth studying product design and I am getting sick of good ideas that would greatly benefit people across the globe getting put aside because they do not pose a great potential for financial gain. Therefore I am attempting to set up a Social Enterprise that takes all of these ideas that have been put aside and attempt to create products from these with no aim for personal or financial benefit. The company shall be funded by advertising, donations and a small revenue generated by products. Effectively this revenue will only aim to help cover expenses and fuel the next batch of products. This way the products can be functional and affordable to the targeted group.I am sure there are a million problems with this idea, so I am asking for you to pick it apart so that the concept can be refined. Along with any Ideas that could be helpful.


Many Thanks


Together we can change the world !!!!



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