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Configurations In Driveworksexpress

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hi i have a question regarding driveworks express, i currently have 50 different configurations set up in my solidworks model and i want to add this to driveworks inorder to switch to a configuration, the problem is driveworks express uses microsoft access and it has a character input limit of 250 i think, and with me having 50 different configurations with different names drive works only allows me to in put 14 configurations, is there a way around this where i can use as many configurations in driveworks as i want? any help would really be appreciated.


50 different configurations i would like driveworks to switch to, but only allows me to set up 14 configurations in the drop down tab

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I think that what you may be attempting to do with DW Express is pushing past it's abilities. If I understand your question correctly, you should be able to accomplish your task with Solo at a minimum. You could set up a table and a lookup rule.


Hopefully this idea will help.





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