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Hi all,


I’d like to show you a new product that my Company ML Engraving has carried out. The project started as a challenge for us because the main purpose was not the simple engraving of a nice or funny texture on plastic glass mould .

In fact the Client asked us to arrange a special texture that could reinforce the structure of the glass.








To lessen the consumption of plastic material used in the moulding (thermoforming) process.


My colleagues and I were enthusiastic at the idea of being involved in a new way to be sustainable and that’s why I’d like to share this with you.


Try to imagine if every disposable plastic tableware could be made with less material. We would lessen the problems of pollution and recycling.


Anyway, it’s time to show you.

  • ML Engraving works with laser technology in order to engrave logos, writings and moreover superficial textures on moulds, so the first step was to ask the Client for the digital file of the mould.
  • Once we received the file, that we call body file, the D.R.E.® Dept. designed a special geometric texture that creates a network, as you can see, and then applied the logo of the Client.
  • The digital file has been processed and sent to the CNC-laser machine that engraved the serie of aluminium moulds. The complexity of the job was determined also by the difficulty of engraving a cylindric insert.

The final result is definetly functional and useful, because the network of lines in relief helps the plastic glass to remain stable when it's full.


I hope I made you curious about this new way to be sustainable. I believe that either technology or design can really help finding new sustainable, green and eco-friendly ways to work. Recycling materials is not enough: we have to learn how to waste less!


Please let me know what you think about.


Thank you all for reading this,





P.S. If want to read more about this, please go to www.mlengraving.com




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