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What's Your Perfect Wastebasket

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HI, this is my first post on this site so I hope it will be helpful for me and sorry for my bad english.


So my question is, what's your best type of wastebasket. I know this may be a minor subject,but if you think about it, there is a lot of characteristic you can find on it. Open, close, the color, the high etc. And every things you consider in your design, depend on the place you will use it. Toilet, kitchen, bedroom, office.


Thanks for your answers. I wish we can have a great conversation about this and maybe continue on another subject later.

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Is it possible to have a waste basket, where I don't need to throw the waste away or at least without using your hands to take out the plastic bag? Or don't need to clean it.

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Ben The Bin:



I bought some of these a few years back after watching a designer pitch them on Dragon's Den. It's by far the best bin I've had, for several reasons:


- It's an open bin so I don't have to open/close a lid when throwing stuff away.

- It's small.

- It's easily cleaned.

- It uses shopping bags, so they're being recycled. I may use more bags than I'd use with a standard bin liner bin, but I'm sure the material quantity is a lot less.

- The bin contains less, so I make regular trips to our local bins. This means that I haven't got lots of rubbish inside or outside my house.


I initially thought that having an open bin like this would be unhygienic. I also thought it would be a problem with my dog. There were no problems and it feels a lot more hygienic than having a large closed bin.


I'm not sure how well the product is selling, as I've seen them disappearing from stores, but I'd definitely recommend buying one and giving it a try.

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