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It is if you make a name for yourself. If you can build up a great portfolio of houses you will be profitable. Just copy cat other designers.



Orlando Christian Academy


Copycat other designers?


All creative industries are initially hard to establish yourself into. Especially as the landscapes and routes into design have changed dramatically. You need to make sure you are well connected, have your work on every possible platform to maximize your exposure.


It's a lot of hard work, but if you want it to work, you can make it work! ;)

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For me it is, you just have to work hard on your designs but not to copy cat other designers, copy is not the right word for this maybe it’s to make other works as your inspiration and to get some new and interesting ideas from them. Interior designers are in demand as long as there are homes that are being built and what more if you have established a good name for yourself. You just have to work hard to be on top just remember that champions are not born champions they started as beginners also.

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