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Customisable/modular Chair

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I am an A level student doing Design and Technology and I believe I have come up with a new idea for furniture.


My design is a chair for students, which is able to be adjusted and have parts added on or removed as the user sees fit. It will have a basic model, with a seat and a set of legs, but can have parts added on such as armrests or different legs as the student wants to. The seat and the back can also be adjusted out or in angle to accomodate the user as they see fit. The plan is to have the students purchase the basic chair for a small sum of money and to buy parts as they obtain the money; it is in a sense a long term investment.


There is nothing directly similar to my idea, but the closest is the Mixx Chair by Matthais Demacker as seen on this website:



Do you think there is an intended market for this idea? Or is it plausible or in fact needed at all? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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I like the idea for the chair, however i can't understand why your intending to aim it purely at students. An adjustable chair can be a useful tool for anyone who spends copious amounts of time sitting, you might want to rethink aiming this at a broader market.

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