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How To Take A High Quality Photo Of Your Product

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These are few points that I follow:


(I usually clear my desk - Place the Product on the desk - then photogreaph them - In effect I am not a pro)

but these some of the points that may be useful to you.


1. The lighting should be adequate, so that all the features of the product are visible clearly (Some styling features will not visible unless he lights hit them in the correct direction)

2. In case of you can adjust the lighting direction, adjust the product orientation.

3. Use mild uniform background that looks professional. It will be helpful to remove the background easily in photoshop kinda softwares.

4. Take snaps in the same orientation as that of the orientation in the concept sketch. It will be easy to see the evolution.

5. More importantly.....it is a iterative process....so be prepared for 2 or 3 photoshoots...until you get good snaps

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