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Another 'what Am I Doing Wrong' Portfolio And Cv

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Hey all, sent out lots of CVs and Portfolios and had no replies.. Anyone any ideas on how to improve these? Any help would be greatly appreciated..


Martin Harwood portfolio July 2011.pdf

Martin Harwood CV july 2011.pdf


Or online at www.hypercubegame.com/portfolio.swf


Thanks in advance :(

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I'll start off with the CV, and please, don't take this as harsh, it's intended to be advice in order for you to get a job :D The CV, is like reading an essay. Use bullet points, it breaks things up a bit, only highlight your key skills, skills which your future employer would want to see.


Remove "Martin Harwood, Curricular Vitae", we know it's a CV you've told me your attaching it!


Through my time at university I have developed numerous skills. I have adapted my current skills to allow me to work efficiently either individually or as a member of a team in the design industry. I have learnt to manage multiple ongoing projects, which has helped me to manage my time effectively. Since sixth form I have been passionate and have a positive work ethic for product design, I am keen to improve on my current skills which I believe would be beneficial in many ways. I have good time management and pride myself on being able to keep too a deadline whilst ensuring my work is at a high standard.


This paragraph is very, generic. I know you went to university, you've told me :D You want this to be no more than 4 lines, telling me what skills you have and what you can offer me. Tell me if you have those mechanical skills, concept skills etc. Tell me about your design skills, time keeping and being passionate I can get from reading through your CV and looking at your portfolio.


Your a designer, maybe try a new approach and think outside the business box. Think outside what is normal for a CV. You have 8 seconds to get someones attention, or it is going in the bin/not being printed out. The role I am in currently, someone sent a CV similar to that (wasn't yours) and because we couldn't find the skills we wasn't interested.


I have done a quick Google search to bring up some other design CVs, have a look at them, and take ideas from them to make your CV more snappy and jumpy!






If you have to compete with ones with colour, and broken up nicely, then your going to struggle. Best bet is, go back to the drawing board, you have all the information you need to make your CV.

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Thanks for the feedback, very useful. Ok i will work on shortening some of the text. Just like to add, I uploaded the wrong CV as it should be my creative version here "http://www.hypercubegame.com/martinharwoodcv.pdf" and this is the one I have been sending out.


Thanks again.

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