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Which Is The Best Software For Logo Making ?

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Hi, Dann here,

I'm new in the designing field. I want to make a logo and really i don't know which software is best for my this purpose??

My friends suggest me (Coral Draw version12).. Please help me to choosing a good designing software for logo making purpose ??

Looking for replies ..

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It depends a lot on what you're looking for in a logo.


CorelDRAW is a vector program like Adobe's Illustrator, which is commonly used for logo design. Some people swear by Adobe Photoshop because although it's vector tools are weaker, it has other benefits in the raster end of things.


Adobe products tend to be really expensive, though, so if you've already got Corel you're best off using that and saving the money. They results won't be too drastically different.


I mean, you can use MS Paint if you'd really like, or draw it on paper and scan it in.


Stay Awesome,


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