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I'm fairly new to the forum. Mostly I only read the topics and never posted something.


A little about myself.

I'm a carpenter and make furniture and yacht interiors. All the drawings

we make our self but I never rendered a piece and used the drawings only for reference.


Any comment, advice and tips are welcome






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Looks sleek, not a fan of the colours. If you could hide all of the working parts like hinges and supports then that shelf would look gorgeous...tough challenge but would love to see it happen.

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Hi, for what it is worth I have always found it so stupid that we buy the thinnest tv sets only to put them on a 400mm deep tv stand, especially in the confinds of a yatch fit out. I think that model is redundent now. If you were to come up with somthing new it should be "what can a TV stand now be" given the present state of technolgy. As far as the models I saw of yours .....well they are arbitry and not really responding to any reaserch that an industrial designer would do.


The secret in industrial design is .............. do LOTS of research, until you find a problem with the preseant state of things in context.................Find a problem with the status quo...............fix the problem ( Finding a problem or making one to solve is, THE designers best friend) by thoughtfull design, taking into acount appropriate technologies.


The parralellagram concept I saw.................another law.........sometimes trying to make something look clever, seldom is.Keep it simple.


Another law: Why are little kids and dogs so apealing.... They never try to impress they just are........




And good luck, guys

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