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Sketch Challenge August 2011

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Hello Everyone


This month we'll be doing Lounge Furniture. This is either in our outdoor furniture where people are most likely to relax and spend the day off when at home or at a hotel or spa. I've included examples below but this month anything goes as long as it is sketched.










Please Note:

  • Best sketch in terms of color, layout, impact and ability to convey the design across wins sketch of the month.
  • This challenge is be judged by a poll at the end of the month.
  • This is a friendly competition
  • If you are unsure of whats required, please read passed challenges or ask
  • As always, crit is welcome (but keep it constructive and clean)


Enjoy B)


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Here is a quick sketch to get going, perspective is off a little bit but its a start.let me know what you guys think.

Good use of lineweight! Like the dynamic perspective of it.



That's lovely.


Here are some sketches of mine. Hand sketches with ballpen, scanned and colored on a grunge paper background in PS.


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Is this challenge still on?

Really like this idea!


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