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Failed Uni... Now What?

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Ive just finished BSC Computer aided product design but i failed. I have the option to retake but i really want to start earning and im not sure i can afford it.

I know how to use Solidworks and UGS NX and design etc and have a portfolio.

Can i still get a job without a degree but with a good portfolio?

I live in Uk



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It will be harder to get a well paid job. Typically graduates can expect higher wages. A degree just basically ticks a box. Though in general, i have found that people never look at my results and are more interested in the portfolio. If you have a great portfolio then it will help you a lot.


If finishing uni isnt an option maybe you could aim for certification of software skills.


It might be a bit abrupt to ask, but what caused you to fail? What elements of the course do you love/hate?

Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses so that you can focus on what you are good at and market yourself better.



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