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FREEcharge is a kinetic energy charger designed to power products such as mobile phones and digital cameras. It is designed to be attached to a bag or belt/clothing. The idea is that it would come in a range of colours, not just yellow. It is aimed at hikers, campers and festival goes. It works by using a powerful sliding magnet and 2500 turn copper coil in a solenoid arrangement to generate electricity.


This was a project I did in my third year at university, at the time, I was not a fan. The idea behind the project was to create something which would work in the real world, that was showed behind various different methods of working out how to charger, strapping it to my leg and using electricity testing equipment to see how much electricity the method generated. The best method was copper coil and a sliding magnet, this created enough charge to top up your phone. It would be ideal for people who walk in the outdoors and campers. I am fully away that it is a VERY crowded market. I have recently spoken to various people who work within the industry at New Designers (just ended, in London) which my graduation project was at, who have told me the product is very well thought out and it would work in the real world, which is always nice!


The name is not very 'innovative' neither is the logo, but I am a product designer not a graphic designer/marketeer.


As always, I love hearing comments, both good and bad. My weakness is explaining my projects.






You can see more images on my Coroflot and Behance


I plan on uploading more renders shortly.

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I'm wondering why nobody commented on this? I like it and I think it has some great potentional. Do you have plans to put it on the market? Otherwise, mail me and I could give you some info in how I could help you. This is no scam or anything like that, I just finished school and O have an idea to start up a company, but I need product designers! :)



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"The name is not very 'innovative' neither is the logo, but I am a product designer not a graphic designer/marketeer."


I personally don't agree with this, as a product designer you need to be a jack of all trades able to switch between design ,graphics etc.It is however good that you acknowledge this an is perhaps something you can look into improving upon for the future! ( I don't mean to be negative about it)


as for the idea , I quite like it, it reminds me very much of these torches though




also would the clip be be ergonomic enough in the palm of the hand?


How many times would you need to pump the handle to give the phone a basic charge? or to make a call?

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