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Hi guys,


First off, I got Waikit's approval to promote my new site called "ingredients."


So what is ingredients?

Ingredients is a daily (12AM - 1159PM) sketch challenge site where you will be given specific design constraints to design and ideate with. Unlike most challenges where you are given a product and problem and is up to you to decide what it's features are. With Ingredients, you will be given the product, the problem, AND the feature you must use. (Other ingredient types will be introduced at a later time) The first ingredient is available for preview on the site and you may start posting your ideas starting July 4th, 2011. New ingredients will be posted at 10pm the previous day, so that participants may get a preview before the next challenge.


Making your brain work in a new way.

Every participant is given the exact same product, problem, and feature to implement. Due to this, your concept will vary on how you mix and implement these ingredients together. For example, your ingredients maybe a shoe(product), boring/time consuming(problem), and wheels(feature). Person A may look at these ingredients and think I'll design rollerblades! Person B may think rollerskates. But Person C, may see something unique and come up with the idea for Heelys.


The only rule is that you MUST USE ALL the ingredients provided for that day.


Ingredients site: http://dailyingredients.tumblr.com/


How to Participate

Simply click on the UPLOAD link at the top to submit your idea/design.


Image Size

Due to tumblr restrictions, your images cannot exceed 500px wide. Please resize all images to the correct width when posting.

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Good News everyone, you no longer need to pm me your email address to contribute to the site! Simply click on the UPLOAD link to submit your idea/designs for each challenge!

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