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jordi krusemeijer

Feedback Please

My portfolio is..  

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  1. 1. My portfolio is..

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    • Full of @#$@#$

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i think that you have really good projects but the colors of your web page dont help, imo, you have really good graphic design on your work (i wish i could have that) and changing the color of the web can help a lot.

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Click to enter, logo is cool, but the page isn't very appealing.


Once I enter the page, the icons for creation, projects, and personalia are a bit ambiguous.

They all look the same, and they remind me of trashcans... or a bird.


Click on creations, your text is "justified," this looks odd, what was your reasoning behind this?

I dont want to have to click on a blank box to see what the project is. And because it's blank, it looks like an error and the images aren't loading. I'm not really sure what brandmark means, which makes me wonder what the difference between the 3 sections are.


Theres alot of blue... not really feeling it. Its a bit frustrating that I need to click many times to actually get to see the content.


Think of it as a first draft and try again. If you are coding this yourself and aren't very good, try looking into free portfolio sites, theres alot out there. For example: carbonmade.com

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Are we reviewing your work or your website?

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