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iPad 2 Buyers’ Guide Contest: Design The iPad 3 +

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From http://www.ilounge.com



On June 1, 2011, iLounge will release The iPad 2 Buyers’ Guide, and six lucky people will win beautiful new speaker systems from Bowers & Wilkins!


How can you win? Design the iPad 3 or the iPad mini! We want to see your creative and artistic talent! Submit a brand-new artistic rendition (minimum 1600 pixels wide) of what you think one of Apple’s future iPad tablets should look like, including the on-screen interface. Your image may include elements from the existing iPad and iPad 2 interface and body designs, however, originality is strongly encouraged, and no use of others’ photos or previous contest entries is permitted. Please do not overlap text on top of your image. iLounge’s editors will pick our three favorite concepts from the pool of valid entries for each model - three winners for the iPad 3, and three winners for the iPad mini. You must submit your name, e-mail address, and location (city/state/country) with your art in order to qualify.



Grand prize

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air (MSRP $600)


First runner up

Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 Speakers (MSRP $500)

Second runner up

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Mini (MSRP $300)


For this contest, we will be selecting winners based on either the plausibility or the cool factor of their designs, and unlike some previous contests, we are not looking for funny entries. Use realistic or smart design ideas to inspire your work and you’ll have the best shot at winning a prize. We recommend that iPad mini submissions take into account how a reduction in screen size might change the user interface, while iPad 3 submissions should consider how an increase in screen resolution might play out. What other sorts of features would Apple be likely to add to these devices, beyond just new screens? Show us in your images—don’t just describe it in text. The top picks will be the ones that impress our panel of judges the most.


More info at:










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