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I am thinking of a career in product/ industrial design and would like to know what kind of modeling software are being used and required to be known.


I am quite efficient with Solid works, Unigraphics. is it necessary to know NURBS modeling software? I am thinking about learning Rhino, is that software worth being learnt and about its usage in the design community?

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Learning a NURBS modeler is helpful, but given the surfacing capabilities of many packages these days may not be required.


Surfacers offer much better control and allow for direct modelling techniques that aren't generally afforded by Solid modellers. Solid modellers also typically do not offer the level of surfacing control and evaluation that a tool like Alias would have.


In my opinion the biggest value to a surfacing tool is the ability to quickly execute and modify a design - but it really depends on what you are designing. If you design desks, a surfacer wouldn't offer you much of anything. But if you are doing handheld products, the ability to quickly pull a few CV's to tweak a shape can be much quicker than modifying a parametric solid that is defined by a half dozen different curves and blends.


It never hurts to learn, so consider downloading a trial to experiment with and see if it fits or improves your workflow.

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