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What Drawing Exercises Do You Do?

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I'm new to the forum after seeing the light and understanding how important sketching is. I have been working 3-4 hours everyday for a week, practising ellipses, joining dots with lines, and cubes. are there any other simple exercises I can do to loosen my arm, and develop muscle memory? I quite like the joining two dots with a single straight line, its not as easy as I first thought.


After searching on-line, I couldn't find any other highly effective means of developing my skill and something to reign in my patience. So what do you guys do to practise and develop?


I am a car designer, but I want to nail sketching like the pro's do.




Many thanks



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Daily shape drawing exercise is encourage to loosend up your hands.


This exercise also enhances your skill in drawing with your own eyes or as you see objects faster and more accurately. Here are the steps;


1. gather what you need; very sharp pencil, tracing paper, plain white paper, kneading eraser and timer.

2. draw a random shape on the white paper, create straight lines and curved lines.

3. Attempt to copy the random shape you just drew, draw on the tracing paper... and do not forget to set the timer.

4. After your first attempt, place it over the shape you are trying to copy.

5. just keep doing this until you get it perfectly, note the time it took you to finish the task and the number of attempts done. Do not forget the date.


I hope this helps.

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One I do is draw a square in the center of a piece of paper. Then I draw a circle inside it trying to keep to one stroke. As I move out towards the edge of the paper, the squares become narrower. Helps to loosen things up in the shoulder.


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