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New Sketch, Opinions?

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Looks good!


It seems from the other sketches that you can cover a fairly wide range of styles which is beneficial; everyone has a different look they prefer. If you're going to school for this sort of thing you'll probably pick up that certain professors like certain styles - sometimes you can use this to your advantage.


The perspective on the wheels and things look mostly spot on, but on a few the car body geometry is a little bit lopsided. Minor things, keep sketching and working the little kinks out. You seem to be figuring it out, there is a difference between what I assume are older and newer sketches.


I'd say you're on your way for portfolio pieces. The website might be pruned a bit (taking out older, weaker sketches etc.) and perhaps professionalized (statements like "That's all folks" seem a wee too casual).


Keep sketching, you're on your way.

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