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When 2 Designer Get The Same Idea...

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Hi Guys, I am working on a lamp in my spare time since about a year. some time ago, a design firm release a concept that is very similar to mine, not exactly the same, but close in aesthetic. I know they never saw my idea and I never saw their neither and that is not the subject of this discussion. What I would like to know is how close two object can be in aesthetic without being consider rip-off. In this situation, what would you do? I am planning to release mine in September, I dont know if they plan to release their because its a concept only, but now I see their lamp in every design blog so I consider it have been released before mine...


Their lamp is porcelain/wood, mine is alu sheet/wood.


Here is the one from DZ studio:




And here is mine:


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Not close enough for it to matter.


Release yours when you are ready. People will never put the two side by side and think one is a knock off of the other.


Look historically at furniture in general...the reality is theres only so many ways to make a lamp, chair, etc. If they took your exact design, made it out of plastic and sold it for $15.99 at WalMart, then I'd cry rip off.

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Thank you Cyberdemon, I got your point. But you bring another interesting topic, is it safe to show concept before releasing the actual product? Personally, I think that if someone want to steal an idea, he will do it even if the product is already available. But maybe i'm wrong, what you guys think?

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They are totaly diferent, to me the only similarity is the wood detail, which I an sure I could find about twenty or so if i had a look in the context of a pendant light. Design registration ( Search: Design Registration and importantly the 'Paris convention') is the only way to protect you designs. And that only works is someone is doing a direct identical knock off. On the issue of having you product on the market before you disclose it, well that will make no difference in most cases, as it will be knocked of in say China probably of inferior quality and much lower price point. You would think intellectual property protection would be automatic, like if you could prove a priority date ie;'PROVE who had the design first' By emailing yourself (emial recept dates cannot be altered) and images which someone would have to prove they had it first in a court of law.


Tip:Dont confuse Design registration with Patenting very diferent issue.




A very frustrating issue for industry and designers, and is a big bug bear for me.


Cheers Mate. Hope that made sense

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