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Technology In 3Rd World Country

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I am very excited about this project and I would like to thank the organisers.

This is a very broad brief, therefore i will be looking into implications of technological advances in developing countries.

Conveniently, I will be traveling to Armenia (its a tiny little country, check it on the map!) in 10 days, so the first hand research will be conducted.

I will be updating this post afterwords with more visual ideas.


i am not sure about the outcome yet, dont have any specific product in mind, but i have the strategy and good intentions, so it is a good start :)

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Hi Lilit, great to see that you are the first one who kicked off this challenge.

And it is good that you have narrowed down the brief for yourself, which is necessary.

We are looking forward to see photos of people using products/services (technologies) in Armenia, and how that further narrows down and inspire your design goal.

For inspiration for field research, check out: http://janchipchase.com/

Especially his research on 'The Design of Mobile Money Services for Emerging Markets' is interesting.



Have a great trip and exciting design challenge!

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