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How To Use Solidworks Indent Feature?

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I'm trying to use SolidWorks indent feature with no success. In the file I work with (here's My file, why can't I upload files larger than 1000k? Because of new account?) have 2 solid bodies and I want to use the one called BeamBody to make an indent in SpiralBody. I don't get this to work. Is it possible? Or does the indent feature not work as I thought?


For the moment I'm thinking of making an offset surface of the Spiral and sort of cut out a piece of the offset surface and patch them together before thickening. Its not going to be pretty but for the purpose of the model it might work.


Would be greatfull for help, thanks in advance.



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What version of SW are you working with? I ask because if you aren't on 2011 then I can't send you an example file. Until then here is a video to watch.








Hope it helps.


Thanks for the video, that was really informative and a nice looking example!

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I checked out that video which is cool but they don't really show you how he did it.

I'm using version 2011 and when I create a Revolve or a Shell it doesn't create a Solid Body folder like he has in the video..


The concept seems so simple yet, I can't get it to work either.. it's driving me mad.

It's really basic.. make a cube, and then i want to use a cylinder with a radiused base to indent into it.

I tried a bunch of things, but it's just a no-go.


Can anyone describe the exact steps needed in order to successfully use the Indent Feature, from creating a new part?

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