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Photoview 360 Renderings

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Hi Guys Im new to this forum and wanted to share some stuff i had done in SW 2010 and rendered with photoview 360. Let me know if there is any improvement i could do, i will greatly appreciate.




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H ROA890,

My advice would be to work on your materials as much as you can.

Solid works 360 is very glossy from my exp, and while it does look kinda cool it can be highly unrealistic.

Try to get samples of the materials you're specifying and replicate them in a neutral white environment.


That said maybe your materials are that glossy.

Keep up the good work lad it will pay off.


I'm a Vray lover but I'm learning Maxwell at work.

Try Vray if you've got Rhino as there are lots of resources from the Vray community i.e. hdri's, materials, lighting configs, mock render studios.


Best of luck


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HI Thanks Dastardly_Dave

I do find photoview 360 to be unrealistic and it doesn't matter how much you chance the settings youll never get that realistic look. I just started to learn Rhino 3D but i havent got to rendered anything yet. but i do like the fact that Vray has a bigger selection of materials, can wait to render!! I also heard of bunkspeed shot works great with solidworks have you used it?? if yes is Vray better than bunkspeed, what you think.

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It really depends on you. I've heard great things about Bunkspeed too, but I feel that with Vray once you put the work in to get over the learning curve, is excellent.

I've always got great results form Vray.

Put work into lighting and building your materials and you'll be good at any rendering program. Do a little reading to understand a little bit about the terms used for each parameter....yo can only get so far by fooling around.

Digital Lighting and Rendering is a great all rounder of a book about rendering.

I'd say pick up a copy if your interested in learning more.


Keep up the good work and keep posting images it's good to see how others work.

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