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Guest abhayvir

Expert Help Required

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Guest abhayvir

Hi, everyone


I need some expert advice for my first independent ID assignment.


I just landed a very exciting opportunity to design cellphones for a company.


I've never done something so big, I work for a company where we design exhibition/ POS related products. Being a designer myself and having a team that looks into production, my job requires me to come up with innovative ideas, design sketches, 2D/3D renderings and finally detailed drawings/ drafts which go into production.


However for cellphone design, I don't know how to go about it. The company has asked me to design (as in draw/ render) ideas. They have given me couple of PCBs to design the product around. This I can do.


  • I don't have a clue about manufacturing process involved in making cellphones- materials, regulations, ecological considerations etc.- so suggest how can I go about it ?
  • As a designer how much should I charge for this kind of work as this will be a freelance assignment ?
  • I am asking some of my friends (their company) to be part of this project, will that be wise ?





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Dear Abhay,

For first question you must be very specific for every deliverable data (for example they will receive 2D ,3D,bill of material, cost, rendering, check parts after molding, resolve the problem ) you must know how many steps they need from you (some times they need just render photo) and how much details they need from you(are they need 2D &3D full details or just general 3D figure ) and thin put an estimated time for every step end thin but a budget for your working hour .

Don’t forget to look at the brand which you working with (Sony not like no brand).


1. Specify the deliverable data.

2. Estimate how much detail.

3. Estimate time.

4. Price per working hour.

For second question I think it’s no problem to ask your friend to help you because it’s your first time and you will have new experience so you can do it your self next time.

Good luck


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