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Guest nickallen1984

Solidworks Hydropower Dimensioning Help

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Guest nickallen1984



I am using my 'now getting rusty' solidworks skills at work to design hydropower installations, here are a few examples of what i mean:





I have been using it for conceptual design from site to site (exact dimensions are now necessary as the detailed design cad work is carried out by the turbine manufacturer).


The size of the turbine is bespoke to each site, so there are no standard turbine dimensions. Some are long and thin like the one pictured above, some are short and fat like the twin setup bellow:




Is there a way that i can have the main dimensions in a spreadsheet, i.e.: inner diameter, outer diameter, working length, etc. so that i can just plug this data into a model and it will resize everything for me in one go rather than having to make a new model each time?


bellow is an example of what i get sent for quotes (a generic, not to scale drawing with a table of sizes, I want to then plug these sizes into spreadsheet so that solidworks can then alter an existing model i have of the turbine to the dimensions that i have been given).



I'm sure that there must be an easy way, it's such a long time since i have had any teaching in solidworks that i have gone totally rusty, especially on the jargon....


Any help will be much appreciated!!


PS. Check out the website:




or twitter HallidaysHydro



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