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Guest willorrock

Dublyoo Design Portfolio

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Guest willorrock

Please review my online portfolio...


I have recently graduated from the University of Leeds in Product Design and am now excited to pursue a career in design - let me know your thoughts on the work, it's greatly appreciated.



Will Orrock

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Guest Ceri

I would suggest you look again at your portfolio and CV layouts.


You are trying to gather interest in yourself as a designer and to me I can't quickly get any relevant information from what you have on display. Lots of pretty charts with information overload, potentially too much information for each project. There is no hook for anything on the page so there is nothing that I find draws me to you as a designer.


When I look for freelance designers I want to see a project that will make me go "Wow this guy is worth getting in contact with". I don't see that on your site... it could be there but with what you are showing on your initial pages I can't see it.


Also some of your descriptions are much to vague... as I said earlier I need to get the info fast. What does this tell me?


"This project was focused on eliciting a particular emotional response... I was able to create a design that conjured the desired emotional response."


I have no idea what this project is, what you are trying to achieve with it or what proves you succeeded. You state you achieved the desired response but there is no proof of you even simulating the idea outside of the virtual world so to me that comes across unratified.


If I was looking at this site professionally I wouldn't put you on my freelancer list.

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