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Guest TopGun_Will

Product Design Service For Small Household Appliance

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Guest TopGun_Will

I don't know if this is the correct forum to post this in or if anyone might be able to help me so let me start.

I'm in the process of creating and prototyping for a small appliance i've created.

This is my first project. I'm looking for some one to render and draw it.

I have sketched out my initial requirements and what i'm looking for.

I want to also want to have an initial prototype of this made if its feasible.

I live in Florida.

Can someone point me to someone that can take this project on for me.

Some of the questions are ?

Realistically what should my expectations be.

Is the person that creates the rendering is it going to be the same person to do the prototype.

How do i protect myself legally if the person wants to steal my idea that they have created for me.

How much should i be looking to pay for a person to contract this for me.

I'm sorry with all the questions, but like i said i'm green to this. This is my first project of trying to

create something and i don't have the slightest clue of how the process work or what to expect from a reasonable professional. Any help or pointers or direction of where to go or if anyone can assist me i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.. in advance.

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Guest miiko

hi, my name is Frida, I live at Jakarta, Indonesia..i'm just graduate and looking for a freelance job..

maybe i can help you with this...

i can send you my portfolio to show some of my 3D and prototype job for your donsideration.

and to answer some of your questions,

you can order 3D modelling and protoype (cause i make both), but you have to consider the distance between us, if you running out of time, i suggest you to order the prototype localy.

you can't protect your design if you don't registered it. but to be honest,model maker rarely interested on stealing your design. i have lot of experiences in this case, because i used to be like you, ordered someone to do my prototype...

about payement, it depends on how difficult your project is.


if you interested, you can contact me personally at

miiko_cool@msn.com or









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