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I am very unsatisfied with the top view of Proriger, so I must rework it, here you can see how I am going forward with it. I will bring ISO view of 828 as well.


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RAH 69 `Annihila`. Next generation . Basically I took my previous sketch of RAH-69, which I posted here some time ago and tried to cut out the ugly. Basically it will have some new features for helicopter industry. Behold- the double turbines partly integrated in fuselage for speed and counterbalancing the main rotor. the rear landing gear will have an actuator so it can be either lifted up or lowered. By lowering the rear landing gear the engines are slightly angled towards the gravel/landing strip. This is for more effective taxiing on runway or liftoff in motion.The canon bay will be incorporated in fuselage and will have a seperate hatch right under FLIR module. There will be 4 weapon bays. As you can see there are 2 hatch doors one above another. Each of them opens opposite ways, while the weapons are located on sliding rails and are winded on a curved magazine. The whole weapon bay has 4 rolls of magazines with attached rails that slide a rail outwards once the door is opened.Maybe I will post later a graphic depiction of that. Plus graphene film coated windshield.


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