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Guest Plastic Brick

Sketchiness Of Linework.

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Guest spillai00

Luv where this discussion is going ......


But abt free hand sketching...how can i successfully communicate different material on my pencil sketches.


Let say have a wine glass...four material ..wood, steel,glass and palstic

This is my doodling on the matter..sorry for the poor image quality...i actually uploaded it from my camera phone...ma bad...







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Guest youri

Sorry, didn't read the whole thread.


I'm a first year product design student at HOWEST,Belgium.

First lessons taught wre drawing straight lines of the size of an A3 paper,during all classes.

We aren't allowed to use any drawing tools except our pen,which was hell in the beginning.

There still are people in class who 'suck' and scribble lines,not using theire whole armlenght to draw or use any of the techniques (like drawing perfect elipses with boxes,eventually it comes natural).


first look back at where you started,forget turning 2D into 'realism' with shadows,start drawing front top and side views with your hand in fluent lines.


When you are starting to master this then you can worry about the realism and add shadow to the object (this is also a different technique with various styles of objects,a cube is shade effect differently then a bar).


Learn what perspectives are,2 waypoint(not sure of the english term) perspectives at first (points flow towards them)

Then start experiment to use colors and colored shades,lightning in 2D

then get into the world of markers in 2D

Then markers and pencils combined with perspective (coloring techniques differ from 2D to 3D)

Then combine marker effects with pencil techniques as finishing touches


When you are good at this then u can decide if u want to start with PC drawing,but not any sooner :)


Have fun!

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