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Guest fubila


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Guest desagree
its first render this.......




i didn`t want to offend you- in this render the surfaces are most realistic. it doesn`t disturb that the wheels are wrong here, because they are not in the center of attention. only the right rear wheel should be smaller...

good work.

formal expression- it looks strong/beefy but still elegant. but it`s not really overwhelming or a really new solution. that`s probably good, because you wanted to evolve the current design and not reinvent it-

my opinion is that you should point at new solutions (better for your portfolio) like these:







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Guest flow

Can't go along with this deep elliptical side intersection.

makes it look more funny than powerful. Pay attention to the side surface and stance characteristic of VW. Simple and serious I would say.

Don't do the wheels too big, especially if perspective i wrong. Reflections are quite bad.

Draw reflections like they really are, not like photoshop gradients suggest :-)

Keep on trying.

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Guest Kapu

The tires on the back are out from the hull, so check those - draw them under the car only.


I guess you took the front from a picture, removed the roof/windshield then drew it again? Check the perspective (perspective lines) of the front, then match the roof with them,it looks somewhat crooked.


Oh, and the idea is nice, but if this is VW, I would make the side window less sharp - it looks like from BMW now! I like the front, though, nice use of existing shapes and adding to them! :P

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Guest hypocalvin

I'd have to agree with "desagree" (how ironic). The rendering style is cool--how you have the full value rage from black to white in everyone panel--but it is also distracting. By using such a large contrast, every place on the vehicle is fighting for attention. There is no focal point, and hard to recognize the 3d form.

Everyone is telling you that the photoshop gradientshop gradient doesn't work, but no one is really telling you why; that is why I'm trying to explain the natural tendencies of our eyes and why it isn't so hot.

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