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Guest woli

Where To Get Hold Of Modelling Foam?

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Guest woli

Hi all,


I need to get hold of the white stuff. Blue insulation foam from B&Q is all well and good but doesn't cut it when it comes to fine details. I need to find a quick source of the really hard, grainy white foam. I'm not sure where to look as I don't know what industry/trade it's normally used in, or is this stuff actually 'modelling' foam?


If not what is readily available at local stores that provides a good alternative that can be finely detailed and worked with nothing more than a scalpel and sandpaper?


Thanks in advance!

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Guest Buff

There are specialist 'styling foams' which are quite dense. Something like in the order of 0.08g/cm^3 to 0.47g/cm^3


The 0.08 is realy quite soft and can tear with sanding and blunt knives. At the other end of the scale the 0.47 is practically like softwood to work, (but without the grain)


The price is pretty scary though and there are minimum quantitys to buy, and the boards are in two sizes 2m x 1m x 10cm or 20cm IIRC so unless you've got a client who understands that a few foam models the size of a mobile phone costs you £200 in material (your actual outlay for the minimum qty IIRC is going to be in the order of £500) pluss your time shaping them say a couple of hours each and then finishing to a high standard at another 2 hours means the modesl are going to set them back somewhere in the region of £200 - £300 each then I would coose a more throw away material and dont spend time finishing a model untill you've itterated it to death in sketch work, then use cheap foam to knock up a dozen models or so


One thing I do is to use a cheap foam to rough shape of the object I'm working on, but about 20% smaller than I expect it to be. I clad it in styling clay (about £200 for a 25kg box). You can then carve out very fine details (and the stuff will take paint witout hassle). If you dont like what you've got, mash it up and add/remove clay at your pleasure.


Personally for chap models I use a 'high density surf boad foam' which is actually about 0.2g/cm^3 and shapes nice and easy, pluss you get some nice detail too. you can if you have access to a NC machine, cut the stuff on a mill to a very detailed model, thought tbh proper bona fide tooling board is much better, but then again you can NC machine clay too.


Clay is the way to go ;-)


btw. How much foam do you think you'll be looking for? I have quite a bit knocking around the workshop. if your not after a truck load, I'll bandsaw you a chunk off my block if you want. I'm from the northwest myself and often vist (this weekend actually)


Give me some outine measurments and I'll consider it ;-)








Btw, I love your website and I think your work has real merit.


I'm often in the Northwest, I'd be interested in meeting up and seeing if you'd be interested in doing some sub-contact work. PM me or email me if you're interested. the emial is on the contact page of my website. see below

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