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Guest Tudoran Liviu


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Guest Strander

Pretty slick. Why Apple? I don't see their design philosophy here, which isn't a bad thing, just curious.

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Guest Jochempie

Wow, Tudoran, this is a great presentation! I'm not so sure about the Apple brand being recognizable in the concept but hey, they will need a new direction eventually!


I wish I got some classes at my university on some of the rendering and modeling techniques you get with automotive or transportation design... This looks great! I'll have to figure everything out myself, industrial product design is just less about appearance..

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Guest nicanor

Looks pretty good, nice renderings and concept. The Apple thing I don't get either, pretty much all or their product language is either white or white with no texture/graphics and minimal organic shape; the opposite of your car. Language seems more fitting for Nike or Adidas? You can say it's a Renault or a Peugot car teamed up with Apple (so the car itself doesn't have to fit 100% Apple but have Apple inspired tech/philosophy built in), or make your own brand too. Besides the branding confusion, looks great though!

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Guest Buff

You're an awsome tallent. Who gives a stuff if it isn't Apple enough.


Now. I'd like to see how this great piece of concept art can be turned into what matters... PROFIT.


So tell me if you can, what technology powers the vehical, what materials and processes would be used to manufacture it. Don't forget, Ive would invent his own material if he had to, so think more of material properties and future possibility than what exists now. Your design is far reaching and conceptual in its language, so your thoughts about its manufacture should be simmilarly aligned. You should think about how you are going to inspire engineers and scientists enough to deliver at least some of the promise. try to base it on something tangiable though. your concept you say is for 2020, keep that in mind, don't go crazy. of course if you'd rather go crazy then think perhaps 2030 or even 2050 (will we still have wheels then? I think so)


If you want to produce an concept that is realisable within the next 5 years, then I would suggest you tone down the design language.


still, it's pretty awsome.


when do you graduate? do you plan to do a masters? where do you plan to work? which industry?

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