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Gmc Grand Sasquatch

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Hey man, I'll have to admit I've been looking at your sketches for the past couple of years, I see a small improvement in your showing of form. But basing off of what I've seen EVERY post is your concepts all look the same. Shape is pretty darn close to each other, line weight doesn't seem to contribute to your sketches. In short, it feels like lines are just being thrown down without thought. But what I'm going to say I haven't seen anyone else tell you (I could be wrong, forgive me but needs to be said), but please please please, for the love of whatever god you pray too, find inspiration. And I'm not just talking about what other designers are doing, but go out in the world and find it. Get into other forms of design like photography, maybe design a logo for fun. Just draw something OTHER than a vehicle and see what you can do. Run drills on line weight. This sounds silly but I sit for hours and draw cubes and practice using markers and ink pens. It helps free my mind.


P.S.- I am diggin the iBex concept :)

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Hey Dude,


I think if you have any spare cash rolling around in the coming months you could really benefit from DVDs by Harald Belker and Scott Robertson.

They show some excellent technique in developing awesome vehicles. It is important to remember the textures of cars. Spend some time working on layering your different painting/rendering effects to develop contrasting textures which define attractive cars. This will really boost your rendering output and give that WOW factor people immediately look for. Try stepping away from your screen maybe a couple of feet to really see where you may be going wrong with your perspectives. EVERYBODY gets perspectives wrong first time round - you have to play with your linework before you can really convince the viewer that they are looking at a believable concept; the rendering adds the sparkle!


Keep it up bro - it's nice to see people not giving up too easy!



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