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Looking For Transparent Coloured Lacquer

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Hi all,


I am making a vacuum formed model of a bottle in two halves, in clear PETG material. The bottle needs to be coloured like a brown glass bottle. Therefore, I am planning to spray inside the the halves with a semi transparent brown coloured laquer, then join them.


Does such a product exist in the UK- can anyone give a recommendation? or link?



Thanks Peeps!



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Guest menappi

Good luck with that. Have you ever tried vacuforming two pieces and cutting the seems exactly in the center and putting them together? It's pretty hard and if your parts are clear..how are you going to join them without there being a noticable meeting point? Not to discourage you or anything but it sounds like a lot of trouble..


Other than that..try to source some stained glass paint. I've never seen brown but I have seen most primary and secondary colors in a transparent spray at craft stores that are used for spraying glass. They probably have it for airbrushes too at your local hobby supply shop. If there is no brown then you can probably mix some colors and get it close. That or take brown spray paint and lightly mist a few coats on your pieces and it will be translucent but look brown.

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