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Guest Siona

Your Thoughts On The Effects Of Materials On Design

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Guest Siona

My dissertation is about looking into the relationship between people's attitudes towards materials, and design. Recently sustainability is a big factor in material selection, but I'm looking at what designers themselves consider when choosing materials for a product. Whether they have any strong opinions towards a particular material and why etc. If you could spare a moment and answer the following questions I'd really appreciate it, whether you're an experienced professional designer, or a student.


1. What is your specific design field?


2. Have you noticed any changes over your career in the popularity of any materials (either from a client, company or the

end user)?


3. Have any new materials made any significant changes in the way you design? (e.g. have new material advances opened

up new opportunities?


4. Are there any materials that you feel strongly about (either positively or negatively, e.g. hazardous materials you refuse

to use, or environmentally friendly materials you insist on using?)


Many thanks!

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