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Rendering Solutions For Solidworks?

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Guest Another_Nocturn
I'd like to get a list of all the rendering solutions available for Solidworks. Please add pros and cons if wanted.


- Photoview 360

- Hypershot



Don't forget Modo (by Luxology). Incidentally, Luxology is the author of Photoview360, so their relationship runs deep. Additionally, they are about to release a solidworks toolkit which will make the workflow for CAD users pretty awesome.




Also consider Maxwell Render, as they have a plug-in that squeezes right into the Solidwork interface


Ive used both, Maxwell has extreme realism but its very slow, and very limited with animations and rigging.

Modo has some pretty great features, like fur / condensation generators, network rendering, displacement and very realistic output (even real-time preview like hypershot).


Also consider Hypermove (the step up from Hypershot) from Bunkspeed. Its very good but the stability of the company has been questionable lately. (read through their support forums and you'l see what I mean). All the same they are gearing up for a new realease and hopefully it will do well.


Ive heard others talk about fry-render as a fast version of Maxwell but currently, it doesnt import native solidworks files.

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